Fruit LogsFruit Logs are a great snack. They are made from REAL dried fruit. With 15 great flavors to choose from, everyone can have their favorite. We have been selling Fruit Logs with great success to Farm Markets, Produce Stores, Retail Outlets and Gourmet Stores, to name a few. Fruit Logs come in 160 Count boxes, Clear Tubs with 1″ bite size pieces of Rainbow Mix, or Pre-Sealed Rainbow Mixed 6/packs with 4″ Fruit Logs. Please feel free contact us with any questions.

Our Flavors:

Coming Soon: Ingredients & nutritional information for all flavors.

Apple PieApple Pie Apples, sugar and cinnamon makes this almost like biting into grandma’s homemade apple pie.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Apricot AlmondApricot Almond We take our California Dried Apricots and sugar and coat them in Roasted Almond Meal.


Apricot CoconutApricot Coconut Our best seller by far. The natural sweetness of coconut and the tangy tartness of California Dried Apricots – need we say more?


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Apricot PecanApricot Pecan The Mesilla Valley is famous for Pecans. We coat our apricot center in Pecan Meal for this one of a kind treat.


Tangy ApricotTangy Apricot Orange peel added to our Apricots gives these just a hint more of that tartness and zing.


Apple CherryApple Cherry The sweetness of Maraschino Cherries in every bite Ingredients & Nutritional Information


Apple KiwiApple Kiwi Dried Kiwis & Dried Apples give these Fruit Logs their zing. Ingredients & Nutritional Information


LemonLemon Lemon chiffon pie is the best way to describe the taste of our Lemon Fruit Logs. Made with lemon peel, these are a summertime treat.


MangoMango The sweetness of Dried Mango is bursting in every bite of our Mango Fruit Logs.


OrangeOrange Our Orange Fruit Logs taste just like orange cream with real orange peel in every bite.


PeachPeach Nothing comes closer to biting into a fresh peach than our Peach Fruit Logs.


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Piña ColadaPiña Colada Coconut and Dried Pineapples give these Fruit Logs a great fruity flavor.


Apple StrawberryApple Strawberry Everyone loves Strawberries and everyone will love our Apple Strawberry Fruit Logs.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information


Peach AlmondPeach Almond The same great Peach flavor as our Peach Fruit Log coated in Roasted Almond Meal.


TropicalTropical A Tropical sensation with Dried Papayas, Mangos and Pineapple. Just like being on the Islands.