Fruit LogsFruit Logs and Tangos! are wonderful treats made from real dried fruit. We have been making Fruit Logs since 1990 right here in the Mesilla Valley in South Central New Mexico. Fruit Logs come in 15 delicious flavors and Tangos! come in 7 tasty varieties. They are a great alternative to traditional candy.

Fruit Logs and Tangos!You can purchase Fruit Logs and Tangos! at Farm Markets, Fruit Stands, Produce Outlets and Gourmet Stores all over the United States. Our new office number is (575) 545-5128.

Soon you can click on over to our State Listings of stores to find a retailer near you. Going on a trip soon? Find out where you can stop and buy Fruit Logs and Tangos! along the way. They make a wonderful snack to take along in the car.

Have a retail store? – Click on over to our Resellers page. Fruit Logs and Tangos! make a perfect addition to any retail venue.